A Boaters Companion

A free planning app for recreational boaters.



Interactive Map

An interactive map that includes places of interest that grows every day. Locations include boat ramps, fishing spots, dive locations, hiking trails, biking trails, hunting spots, outdoor businesses, plus you can add your own.

Local Weather

Location-based weather, forecasts, and tidal details in the area you are checking out!


List and shop locally or across the country. Businesses can list for free and showcase products and services.


Post, Share

Interact with the local community. Share posts, images, or videos and map them in the app. Plus, location sharing and a SMART-SOS service to alert local users or friended app users when you need help.

Plan Events

Location-based event management for the community, event organizer, or individual. Create, invite, attend, and map it all out!

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A little over 3 years ago my friends and I were in a boating accident. It was very scary and it took the first responders awhile to find us since we weren’t sure exactly where we were. As soon as I found out about RaftUp I downloaded it and told everyone I knew to download it. I have not needed to use the app yet but I feel so much more safe when on the boat with friends and family!!!

It’s also a great way to advertise your business!!!

Thank you RaftUp for keeping me friends and family safe!

Brittney Laine Bennett

App User


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